My Moments in Nature

Before the new year, many take this as an opportunity to look back and sum the year that passed. Instead, I would like to share the beautiful moments I experienced in nature during 2021.

It was nice to see the white snow cover the ground to melt days later on sunny days.

In the spring, I got to see my beautiful plum tree blooming. And one day in May, when I left work, the random visit from little gosling made my day. Then, my cherry trees graced me with their fruits in the early summer.

It was pure joy to see my hens and chicks plants multiply and grow. In Alberta, the Rocky mountains were standing still, and we were fortunate to see the gorgeous blue skies that day. Too bad, but there were many wildfires in the area a week before and the week after

I am a bit surprised that I did not capture the red colors of the trees at my favorite season, fall.

As this year almost ends, I would like to wish you a Happy and Healthy New 2022 Year! And if you can to spend more time in nature!


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