Time to Reflect

Well, 2018 is almost over. And now what? It’s time to reflect back on the year it was. I choose to focus on the new beginnings that brought me joy and a sense of contentment in 2018. 

    • Hip Hop: I always liked dancing, and with that, somehow I grew up without it. This year I signed up for an adult Hip-Hop class, beside my home. The class was once a week, and at times, especially winter period,  I had to force myself to go there, cause all I wanted to do, was to stay home and rest on the couch after a long day. At the end, I learned few new moves, got better coordination on the floor, and I am up to date on the Hip-Hop songs that are played on the radio nowadays.
    • Creative writing: Writing is a subject that I barely explored before. During my high school years, I wrote a short story and a few handwritten notes to my girl friends, when I was away for a long trip.  Recently I found the literature world, to be a fascinating one. At work, my only writing so far was writing technical reports about chemistry and lubricants. This year, I completed two coursera courses on creative writing.  I had to submit a written piece every week, grade and evaluate my peers work, and receive feedback for my own work. And it was also, so interesting to learn, that there is a structure in every story.  That every scene has a setting, and that the main character in the story, has a weakness and a strength. I don’t know if my writing will ever manifest into something real, like an actual book. However, what I do know, is that I made a baby step towards my personal dream, and I enjoyed the journey of writing.
    • Kitty cat: This year we had adopted a kitten. When I just got married, I and my husband had a conversation about kids and pets. And the agreement between us back then was, that we would get a dog if we would have a boy and a cat if we would have a girl.  Guess what, we ended up with two boys, and just now added a cat to the family. I could not commit to walking the dog regularly, and the continuous pressure from the kids to get a pet, lead us to have a cat. Having a kitten at home felt a bit like having a new baby, just without all the pain of labor and the sleepless nights that come afterwards. We were so excited to welcome Fibre to our family.

Those were my new beginnings in the year 2018. Now, I would like to wish you a Happy New 2019 Year, with new prosperous beginnings!

16 thoughts on “Time to Reflect

  1. Enjoy that new kitten! And congratulations for trying new things this past year, like dancing and creative writing. I truly believe good things happen when we dare to try something new. Happy New Year, Svet!

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  2. Hi Svet. Good for you in trying something new. I’m glad it worked out so well. Also glad that you’ve discovered writing. Keep it up. The more you write, the better you get. Thanks for reading my Quotation Celebration blog. I hope to continue doing that. At one point I thought I might stop at 300 posts. But now past 300 with no plans to stop.

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    1. Hi Samuel, Thank you. I need to come back to writing more seriously, it requires much dedication and time. And this is my goal, as you wrote in your post. In the meantime, I keep writing small notes for myself. I really enjoy reading your blog, it has many interesting points and it brings a new perspective on things. Keep it going!


      1. Yes, it does require a lot of time. I think the key during the period when you don’t have a lot of time is to just commit a block of time each day to writing. Maybe just an hour. Or 30 or 15 minutes. Consistency is the key. Give it a try. I think you’ll find that you can accomplish a lot with just a small daily dedication to the craft. Hey, people write entire books on just an hour a day.

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