Happy Father’s Day

The upcoming Father’s day is on June 19. As I was walking in one of the shopping malls, I found the scene below a bit amusing ( a Lancome purse for Dad?!).


The devotion in the daily life is the one that counts for me the most. The time he spends to teach you how to swim, skate and bike. The patience that he has to draw all the animals that you have in mind. The funny books he reads for you and stories before bedtime. The fact that he is there for you, day by day. He is the first one to come to you in your helpless moments. Ready to fix, solve and provide a solution to any problem you encounter along the way.

The care that grows as the time goes by. The advice and the speech/preach that you get, and only realize when you are in that situation and then remember his words. How really well his words match when you feel it on your skin, the moment he was talking about. The softness in his voice, that you feel through the conversation on the phone. The hug you get that can smash you out when you have not seen him for a long time. And many more actions that only one word can describe them: Love.

  Happy Father’s Day to all the Amazing Dads!

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