A Taste of Paradise

I came back from Vegas, just a few days ago. I  was lucky to be there for the annual STLE meeting. In a way, Lass Vegas felt like a paradise. Music on the streets, blue skies and puffy clouds. Had to pinch myself to realize that I am not dreaming 🙂 .  It was so different from the everyday routine. Lot’s of interesting places to see: Amazingly designed hotels in the style of Paris, NY, Venice, Rome, Egypt and etc.  So many attractions to explore. What a nice , quick break from the routine chores.

When I came back, I decided to cook my favorite dish: Butter garlic chicken liver with sour cream. The combination of the butter, garlic, cream and the soft chicken livers is so delicious and creamy . I cook it every few weeks because of the unique taste.

Preparation time: ~10 minutes. Cooking time: ~20 minutes.


  • Chicken Liver– 1 lb.
  • Butter -1 tablespoon
  • Sour cream – 3 tablespoons
  • Garlic clove – 3 minced
  • Salt and pepper – pinch


Place the chicken livers in a large bowl and wash with boiled water. Wash with cold water and  drain. On a heated pan, melt butter and add the livers. Cook covered with a lid until most of the liquid evaporated. Add spices, garlic, sour cream and gently mix with the livers. Cook for additional 5 minutes.



13 thoughts on “A Taste of Paradise

  1. Las Vegas is a very different place where people can lose their sense of reality if they stay too long..:) And their money..:)
    Glad you has a good time. Can you substitute anything else for the lovers?

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  2. We loved the musical fountain in Vegas! And all these Elvises 🙂 My daughter and I went to the slot machine with 10 dollars each. I think it was a 50 cent one. I lost my ten dollars in no time, and gave my last 50 cent to my daughter. With 10 dollars and 50 cent she got 126 dollars that covered our gas for the return trip 🙂 We were pleased 🙂

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    1. I liked the musical fountains too 🙂 I saw Elvises, Angels 🙂 and bumblebee on the strip. That is great that you were able to win there! I stopped quickly with the slot machines and did not continue to play 🙂

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      1. We decided from the start to play with 10 dollars – as if we paid for a ticket 🙂 None of us would gamble with more, even if we didn’t win. We just paid for the fun. Have to gamble in Vegas 🙂 We had one day and it was exactly the time to walk through the Strip and visit all the attractions. It was the last Bette Midler’s year with Caesarian Palace, and I would love to see her show, but we couldn’t stay longer.

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