Apple Chips Snack

I started to make apple chips when my son refused to eat fresh apples . Since the dry apple is sweater than the fresh one, he actualy enjoyed eating the chips. With time he got used to the taste and now eating fresh apples as well :).

Preparation time: 15 minutes. Dehydration time: 8 to 12 hours.


  • Apples – 10 medium
  • Lemon – 1.5 cut to large slices


Wash the apples. Punch a hole through them to get rid of the seeds.hole 1

Cut thin slices of the apple and place them in a large bowl. Sprinkle lemon juice on the apple slices. The lemon juice is to prevent from the apple to turn dark during the dehydration process.bowl

Arrange the apple slices on the racks of the food dehydrator.dehydrator

And wait 🙂 for 8 to 12 hours depends on the heat. My food dehydrator is just on/off , I leave it over night ~12 hours.

dehydrator 2

After cool down remove the apples and enjoy :). They supposed to be crispy and delicious.

8 apple slices are ~1 serving of carbs (20 g of carbs, 4 g of fiber and 80 calories).DSCN4825I keep it in a zip -loc bag ready for every occasion.

Bon Appetit! 🙂


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