Why did I choose chemistry?

During the last year of my high school I had a major dilemma. What should I study in the University? I was always attracted to science but to choose a specific path to commit to was extremely difficult. What if I decide to change my mind after the decision was already made? That scared me the most.

I thought to myself, what I do not want to do? It was pretty easy to dismiss faculties that I was not interested in and eliminating directions that I do not want to follow. At the end, I left with limited choices to make. Eventually, I signed up for materials science and chemistry.

In 2015 I attended STLE (Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers) annual meeting in Dallas, TX. An evening before the conference, I was in a private welcome reception in the Perot Museum. It was fascinating and once again a reminder for me, Why Did I Choose Chemistry . 

In the pictures below taken at the museum, those are crystals found in Nature. The blue crystals contain copper in the lattice, that gives the blue/green color to the structure.

Incredible, right?

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